Hello from Scott Carpenter and Sahara Kelly

Yes, we're really co-authors, and no, S.L. Carpenter isn't a cleverly disguised woman. Check out his beard. This is our little website and we're keeping it as simple as we can. Basically, here are our books, here are a few factoids you probably won't ever need to know but we'll tell you anyway, and here's where you can write us, if you're really bored or have found the secret to eternal youth in one of our books. (If so, send three copies via registered mail, citing page and reference, and we might let you have a few hundred of the gazillions we'll make. Because, you know, that's how we roll.)

Buy links should work, and we recommend starting with Amazon, since they're about to take over the world anyway and if you order new underwear before going into your shower, it'll be on your doorstep before you've dried your toes. Who's gonna fight that, right?

We will try to keep this up to date, but no promises. The word "we" here is the royal we, used frequently by Sahara Kelly, partly because she's a Brit and Brits say that sort of thing, but also because she's the webmistress/webdesigner/maintenance specialist for this site. And she doesn't always have time to get the mop and bucket out and freshen it up as often as she likes. Scott is a constant support, however, and will help out enormously by telling her what's not working. Such a pal.

Anyway, here's our latest release...and we'll try to at least keep THIS page up to date. Click on the image and it'll take you to the Amazon page for this anthology. It's only available at Amazon, since we all have the ability to read a Kindle book one way or another. See the above comment about underwear and your shower.

Another anthology, but this time waaaay out of this world and slap in the middle of Fantasy Land. If Fantasy Land was rich with excellent liquor, a variety of illegal substances and nothing was off limits. You'll find a Beast (of course), a Dragon (can't have a happy ending without one), and six Princesses - whose names you might know - dishing the dirt on their fellow fairy tale characters. Yep, it's that kind of book.

Happy Endings

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